NEED a torrent for OTR in beautiful 720p like i need air

Beyoncé & Nicki Minaj performing ***Flawless in Paris (FULL HD)

I’ll give you everything, baby love me lights out

suits meme:
three relationships - [2/3] → mike and his grandmother

"Nothing feels like when I’m respected or when I get on stage and see that I’m changing people’s lives. Those are the things that matter and at this point in my life, that’s what I’m striving for… Growth, happiness, fun… enjoy your life. It’s short. That’s the message."

I like working with actresses, and I like women a lot, not for obvious reasons, but just in that that there’s so much about what they bring to the scene that keeps it so interesting. Their instincts are so different, and they never explain them to you.


does anybody else clean their phone screen by wiping it on their boob or is that just me

feeling lonely, invisible and miserable